A Tight Squeeze - 13 Nov 2014

This is Leena a patient that came to us with a long term problem with vomiting and weight loss. She has got to the point where it was difficult for her to keep her weight stable or even to eat a full meal without being sick. After a clinical work-up we discovered she had a benign narrowing from her stomach to her small intestine that was stopping food from passing properly.  This is a condition called pyloric stenosis and is shown in the diagram above.  We corrected this narrowing with an operation called an Y to V pyloroplasty (see below) that opens up the narrowing and allows food to pass to the intestine properly.

After losts of nursing with her very caring owners Leena has put good weight on and can feed almost normally now. She is 50% heavier than at her worse and has a lot more strength now she can keep food down.  Luckily she still enjoys her visits to the vet!

Arthur is Picking Up the Pace27 Aug 2014

ArthurArthur came in to see us after a couple of episodes of collapsing. When examining him we noticed he had a very slow pulse rate.

We performed an ECG which showed that the electricity was not passing properly from the top chambers of the heart to the bottom chambers of the heart.

Arthur was referred to a specialist who fitted a pacemaker. Now he is back to his old self and running around!

Harry Survives His Ordeal4 Aug 2014

HarryOccasionally at our practice we have injured wildlife bought in to us in need of our care.

HarryThis is Harry a baby hedgehog bought to us by a caring member of the public. He had a badly broken back leg and was weak and shocked. After receiving treatment for his infections and food and nursing for a few days he was healthy enough to have surgery. Unfortunately it was not possible to fix his fractures so we were forced to amputate his leg. Luckily he recovered extremely well after his operation and we were able to rehome him to a charity for injured hedgehogs only a few days later. He now lives in an enclosed garden where he is safe and happy!

Hedgehogs are becoming endangered and we are all very pleased to report a happy ending to Harry's story.

Jasper Goes Form Strength to Strength 27 Jul 2014

JasperJasperThis is Jasper a very lucky cat!

Jasper was hit on the head by a car earlier this year and suffered severe concussion as well as injuries to his neck, throat and a fractured jaw. Initially we thought his brain injuries would be too severe to survive but after a few days of intensive care he had made a good enough recovery to allow us to operate. We used a very tiny steel plate and screws to fix his broken jaw and inserted a feeding tube directly into his stomach to allow us to administer food without disturbing his jaw or head. After his surgery Jasper made a fantastic recovery. Within a few days he was eating himself and we were able to remove the feeding tube. He could then safely go home - much to relief of his very worried owner.

Jasper has continued to go from strength to strength and is now back to his normal cheerful self !

Tigger Bounces Back - 24 Jul 2014

TiggerTigger came to us following a severe road traffic accident with multiple injuries.

He had several pelvic fractures as well as broken foot but his main problem was a compression of his spinal cord causing him extreme pain and weakness on his back legs. We stabilised him for several days with fluid therapy and pain killers and gradually the pressure released from his spinal cord and the pain reduced. Over several weeks of rest and medication Tigger became pain free and has now returned to his normal active self. He is a good example of how modern medicines and rest can allow some of the most severe injuries to heal without invasive surgery. Although his pelvis will always be slightly deformed he is as active as before and has no mobility problems.

Cats are very good healers and with appropriate care and treatment usually heal very quickly! Hence their reputation for having 9 lives !!

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