November 2016                                      BOO


This is Boo who has been having treatment for Addisons disease for more than 2 years now. Addisons disease is caused by a lack of an essential steroid called aldosterone. This deficiency causes may profound problems with water and electrolyte balance and can lead to kidney problems and ultimately, if not treated properly, to early death. Boo was originally treated using a combination of tablets to supplement her lack of aldosterone but recently has switch to a monthly replacement injection.

She has coped extremely well with her treatment and is always a delight to examine and treat, despite her many blood tests and injections. The disease is well controlled and other than regular visits to the vets she has a happy and normal life !





August 2016                                              BAILEY

Bailey is a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He was first seen beck in March 2015 feeling under the weather and not eating. On exam, all his lymph nodes were hugely enlarged. Further tests diagnosed him with lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymph tissue. He immediately began on triple therapy chemo which involved taking two different medications and having a weekly intravenous injection at the surgery. By mid April 2015, he was doing really well- he had started eating and his lymph nodes had returned to a normal size. Dogs generally tolerate chemotherapy very well, and we see very  few of the side effects associated with chemotherapy in people.

Bailey has had a few ups and downs but due to the love, care and perseverence of his owner, he is currently leading a normal life and in remission almost 18 months post diagnosis. He is still a regular visitor to the surgery and all the staff know him well. He is never any trouble for his injections which he now only has every 4-5 weeks!

July 2016                                             DIESEL AND SASS

The dangers of open windows…


Hot summer weather – uncomfortably warm houses. How better to keep cool than to open the upstairs windows?

Possibly not such a good idea though if there are cats in the house, especially cats that do not usually go outside.

Cats are inquisitive creatures. At the start of the July heat wave this year, 8-year old Sass, normally an indoor cat, decided to explore an open window. Once on the outside sill, she was unable to turn around and fell two stories to the ground beneath. Her owners rushed their very sore white cat in to us, where we were able to establish that while she (luckily) had not sustained any life-threatening injuries, she had broken all four of the long bones in her left back foot and three of the four in her right. After delicate and quite lengthy surgery, we managed to realign the bones using very fine metal pins. However, she needed to have both of her back feet in splints for a couple of months to support them while the bones healed. This is, thankfully, an unusual injury, so we were very surprised when 10 days later 2-year old Diesel (a black cat this time) did exactly the same thing with virtually identical results. Diesel also then had to wear natty splints on both of his back feet for the next 8 weeks after the bones were repaired. Only a week later, and a third case, though one-year old ginger boy “Fluffy” only broke one bone in one foot as he fell one floor not two.

Thankfully, all three cats are now doing well, but the take-home message has to be – all open windows should be left on the latch if one has animals in the house. Sass, Diesel and Fluffy were all relatively lucky in that none of them sustained any internal injuries, but hopefully sharing their stories will avoid the same (or worse) happening to other animals in the future.


May 2016                                                              ELLIE

Gorgeous girl Ellie in for her worming treatment today after her pampering at the salon !

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