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Dr. Ines Martins with all the help & understanding she gave us when our lovely Lady Beau was pregnant. It wasn't planned so we had to learn very quick but with the huge help from Dr Ines we got through it. 
It was a great help when you personally wrote down the symptoms to look for when going into labour. 
Even though we was in a little shock when 5 puppies arrived after expecting at the most 3 puppies, glad to say all the puppies arrived well. 
Without all your help after the births I don't think we would have got through it & certainly Beau would not have. It was lovely that you got to see them right up until they left us to go to there loving new homes. I still keep in contact with them all & it's great to see how well they are.
So from the heart ❤️ thank you.
chops Chops, is a rescued oscar. He was given to his owner because he had a broken jaw and was not eating, His fins were badly torn, but after some tender care and clean water he came round. He is a very naughty fish and is often in trouble for taking his filter pipework off the suckers and he breaks thermometers!
This is long finned oscar Rusty. He is just a year old and nearly 10" long. He cannot live with other fish anymore as he is too aggressive. His favourite foods are whole prawns and broccoli.
Falkor, the bearded dragon, was named after the luck dragon from never ending story. Falkor is 10 months old and very friendly, but greedy.
Mac is a two year old male Labrador that started life training to be a gundog but much preferred looking for a tennis ball than pheasants!
He came to the West Midlands Fire Service in March 2011 to begin his training as a search and rescue dog with the service’s Technical Rescue Unit. His role in the team is to search for the scent of people who are trapped in wreckage but still alive following natural and man made disasters such as collapsed buildings, major transport accidents and wide areas of debris following earthquakes and widescale flooding.
On completion of his training next year, Mac will be on immediate standby to serve with the WMFS search and rescue teams anywhere in the world. He will be found in some of the most challenging and high risk environments possible for dogs (and humans) to endure. Mac indicates that he has found someone by continually barking where he can smell their scent the strongest and will remain there until rescuers can reach the victim. People regularly ask ‘how does he do that?’ The secret is that he just thinks someone’s hiding with his toy and there is a great game waiting to be had!
All that for a tennis ball!
Darcy & Harry

Darcy and Harry are two very lucky kittens, born on 7th March were rescued and have been given a loving home.

Both kittens were given the once over by Stephen Pegg, who found that Harry had a very poorly eye and may go blind. But, thanks to the treatment his sight was saved.
Kitty is a very happy and well loved cat who only has three legs. Unfortunately, her right back leg became very badly infected and to save her life an operation to remove the leg had to be performed. Kitty has made a full recovery, yet despite her obvious impediment, her owner Margaret says Kitty runs around the garden like a greyhound. Kitty also enjoys lying down and soaking up the sun and going for a walk with Spencer (featured below).
It had been snowing the previous day and Spencer went out to play. He spotted a squirrel and gave chase, but the squirrel was too fast. Unfortunately during the chase somehow Spencer damaged his front paw and it was bleeding, so Margaret, his owner, took him to the surgery. Stephen Pegg bathed the wound and wrapped in up in a bandage. A few weeks later Spencer went back to the surgery and his paw was pronounced OK. Spencer is now back on all four's...... still chasing squirrels.
Titch is still going strong at the age of 21½ years. He was diagnosed with a potentially fatal spinal disease. A very feisty character!
Daisy May
Daisy May who was awarded 1st. Graduate Bitch - Crufts 2010 is set to become a celebrity T.V star in a costume period drama.
Basil Pegg
Basil is a 4 year old Jack Russell cross from Aldridge animal rescue. Basil is on his holidays enjoying his walk along a wet muddy beach in North Wales. Owner Stephen Pegg said "he needed a good wash afterwards."


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