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Consulting Room
Consulting Room

The four consultation rooms are used for treating and examining patients. Most consultations are booked for ten minutes sessions and can be extended if we find it necessary to do more detailed examinations. Each room has a computer terminal so we can access patient records and each room is spacious and well equipped. This allows us to give our patients the highest possible standard of care.


Pet health councillor and nurses room


Our dispensary is very similar to a local chemist. Here we stock the majority of our drugs, ointments and other types of medication. These can normally be dispensed immediately following a consultation or surgery and mean we can provide a very fast and efficient service to our clients.

Prescriptions can be obtained by giving 24hrs notice if clients wish to purchase drugs elsewhere. However there is a charge for prescriptions and all patients must have been examined recently before drugs or prescriptions can be issued.


The kennels are made from fibreglass to ensure they are warm and easy to clean. This allows us to maintain a hygienic and comfortable environment for all our patients while waiting for surgery or while receiving hospital treatment. The kennels can be individually heated or enlarged to allow the best recovery environment.

We also have seperate isolation kennels that are used to treat patients with contagious disease. Special hygiene protocols and equipment are used in these cases.


We use X-rays to help diagnose a variety of problems. We can look at bone structure and internal organs and we may also be able to see foreign bodies such as stones in the stomach, kidneys or bladder. The process is quick and painless but most pets will need to be sedated or anaesthetised in order to ensure that we get the best quality picture.

We have a digital xray processor that can produce extremely high quality digital images almost immediately. These Xray images can then be attached to our patient records, enhanced and improved to detect subtle abnormalities or to be Emailed to university experts for second opinions.

Reception & Waiting Area
Reception & Waiting Areahttps: We have a dedicated reception area where you will find informative displays on pet health care and a range of pet accessories. We have client toilet facilities and easy access for disabled clients. If you have any queries or would like to book an appointment with a vet or nurse please do not hesitate to ask our reception staff or phone the surgery.
We have a pleasant waiting room seating area.
The Laboratory

The Laboratory is one of the most important rooms for establishing a diagnosis. Within minutes we can have the results of a blood sample and can administer appropriate treatment immediately. By looking at samples of blood, skin tissue and urine we are able to see what is happening internally and use the results to obtain a diagnosis. Without this facility we would have to send the samples to an external laboratory which would obviously delay us obtaining results.

The Operating Theatre
Operating Theatre

This is the heart of the practice where two teams of surgeons and nurses can operate at the same time. Our qualified nurses monitor the aneasthetics using pulse oximetery at all times and ECG`s and specialised stethoscopes are sometimes used in higher risk patients.

Strict hygiene is essential to reduce the risk of infection and gloves, masks and gowns are available as required. Our patients recover from anaesthetics and surgery in specially designed kennels, where they are kept warm and comfortable and monitored continuously until completely awake.


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