Clay: A lucky escape as one thing leads to another

1st January 2015

When Clay's owner noticed he had been sick and was behaving oddly she brought him up to see us. We were worried he might have eaten something he shouldn't and so we sedated him and X rayed his abdomen. When he was sedated we could feel a lump and so decided to have a look inside. We soon found a piece of rubber stuck in his intestine which was what was making him feel unwell. However we also found a lump on his spleen which looked as if it might start bleeding at any time. We removed his spleen and Clay made a full recovery. The lump turned out to be a benign haematoma. But if Clay had not eaten the rubber we would probably not have found the lump until he started to bleed internally!

The spleen is an organ that can be removed without causing problems to the animal later on. This is lucky as it is not uncommon to get growths on the spleen. Some can be cancerous and may well have spread by the time we discover them. Others are benign like Clay's . A haematoma is basically like a big bruise but in the spleen this can lead to bleeding into the abdomen. We don't always know what caused the initial damage but in a case like Clay now it has been removed there should be no further problems.

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