1st June 2015

Tallulah came to us a few weeks ago with a history of persistant vomiting. When we examined her we could feel a large abdominal mass and feared the worse.  Xrays revealed an unusual density in her stomach and we decided that surgery was the only option for a diagnosis and possible treatment.

Tallulah`s owner was extremely worried and we gave a guarded outlook but, unbelievably, during surgery we discovered the mass was in fact a huge solid hairball !  The biggest we have ever seen.

After removing the massive hairball Tallulah recovered rapidly from the ordeal and is now back to her normal self - although being groomed much more often !!

Hairballs are common in cats and rarely cause problems but some long haired patients or individuals with skin conditions that cause excessive grooming can occasionally gather huge accumulations of hair in the stomach that can cause illness, as in this case. It is therefore very important to regularly groom long coated cats and to seek veterinary treatment if your cat is overgrooming.

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